Tournament of Chivalry

We are pleased to announce that upon the Day of the St. Valentine’s Massacre in Our Barony of Andelcrag, there shall be a Tournament of Chivalry. We command those Knights of Our Realm that are able to attend Us at this Event and arm themselves in such manner that they may hold the field for the testing and education of all those that present themselves upon the field.

Additionally, We intend an experiment at this event. Namely, that there be some mechanism to introduce an aspect of melee combat to this gathering so that those whose skills are best shown on the battlefield may be displayed and, likewise, those veteran Knights who have gained their knowledge in contest with Our enemies can pass on their martial wisdom. The details of how this might be best accomplished are being explored and will be disseminated in the near future.

We exhort all those who would deem their skills worthy of consideration by our Order, or who wish to increase those skills for the exultation of their consort and their own betterment, attend this Great Day of Martial Exhibition and Instruction.

Dag Rex AnneMarie Regina
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom