The Queen’s Quest

By the Grace of Her Royal Majesty AnneMarie, know that from this day hence, through the duration of Her Glorious Reign, be it long and filled with joy, there shall be in the Middle Kingdom a Great Quest. This quest may be undertaken by all those of Her subjects with the courage and will to expand their experiences and knowledge within the Kingdom and the Society. All are encouraged to embrace this adventure and gain Her Especial Favor.

This is an opportunity to round out your participation in the SCA. Stretch yourself. Fill in the gaps in your SCA journey.


  • Download the Queen’s Quest!

    Print the Queen’s Quest form (link) or obtain one at an event attended by Their Majesties.

  • Complete the activities during Their Reign.
  • Return the completed form to Her Royal Majesty’s own hand at an event. Do so at least one hour before that evening’s court.
  • No forms will be accepted at or after the event of the Coronation of Their Heirs.
  • Witness signatures are optional but encouraged where applicable.




No Emerald completionsDawood al tayyib al samari
January 28
Festival of Maidens
Arianwen o Wyndham
January 28
Festival of Maidens
Wanda Zajaczkowa
April 29
Grand Tournament of the Dragon


What is a witness?
A witness is someone who can vouch that you performed the activity. Example: “Marshall a martial activity” can be witnessed by the event’s marshal.

What if I have my name, arms and a badge already registered?
Congratulations! You can mark the activity as complete. Or, you can register another badge.

What is considered something to make as largess?
Is it something you would like to receive from The Royalty? Only non-perishable items. Do not donate items that are difficult to store or transport. Examples of SCA Largess can be found here.

What do TRM and TRH mean?
TRM = Their Royal Majesties (King & Queen)
TRH = Their Royal Highnesses (Prince & Princess)

What if I am authorized in all martial activities?
Congratulations! You can mark the activity as complete.

Does participation in a Crafters’ Green include the Remote Crafters’ Greens?
No, this is only for a Crafters’ Green held in-person at an event.