The Pale – October 2022

Greetings unto our beloved populace from King Dag & Queen AnneMarie.

We are Most Pleased and Excited to sit the Dragon Thrones and serve as Monarchs of this Great Kingdom once again. We hope We can bring some measure of that excitement to you as Our kingdom continues the anxious process of emerging from the Great Plague and re-establishing Our connections with friends both near and far.

Events are once again appearing on the Midrealm Calendar and We may now gather without restriction. As the ice and snow return to Our lands, We must perforce retreat to the Great Hall and the Long Hall for Our gatherings. We understand that some trepidations remain, and while We encourage all to take what steps they feel are necessary for their safety and those of their loved ones, We hope to see many more of the glowing faces of Our friends, those familiar and as yet un-met.

Indeed, it has come to Our knowledge that many have found the Society and the Midrealm through remote means during our long hiatus, and We look forward to greeting these new members of Our great family. We see this as an excellent opportunity to recall the rich traditions and customs of the Midrealm, pass them on to those just finding us, and remind those who have been away. In many ways, it is these traditions that bind us together as a kingdom and people. During Our Reign, We hope to make good display of those customs that especially mark Our Kingdom, re-examining them for their history and establishing their current worth.

You may expect to see Us return to a certain formality in Our Courts and dealings with the populace at large. We believe this to be a vital part of the “game” that we have all come to experience. If you find this artificial barrier uncomfortable, We exhort you to find and approach Us at a post-revel when we are all at Our ease and ranks are set aside for the camaraderie of friends old and new!

Until we are met around the hearth fire, and songs and stories come out to fill our hearts with the love
of the Dragon and its people, We remain,

Dag Rex     AnneMarie Regina
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom

Originally Published: The Pale – October 2022