The Pale – January 2023

Greetings and Felicitations unto Our Beloved Populace.

It is a New Year, as Christians reckon the Calendar, and We wish you fair weather and safe roads as you travel! It is also a time for Us to reflect on the year past and resolve to make the next year even greater. Events are returning to the kingdom calendar, and We are eager to venture out into Our Kingdom to meet with old friends and make new ones over a meal or tankard.

As you reflect on your own year, We ask you to remember those around you that may have lost touch or found an obstacle to joining us. Reach out when you can, encourage those that may be struggling with distance and separation, and welcome those that are new and hesitant. The Society, and Our Glorious Midrealm, have made a lifelong home for countless many and there is always room for more!

Draco invictus!

Dag Rex AnneMarie Regina
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom

Originally Published: The Pale – January 2023