The Pale – December 2022

From Their Royal Majesties Dag VIII & AnneMarie IV, Greetings of the Season unto Our Beloved Populace.

As the cold and snow of winter surround our keeps and manors, we retreat to our halls and drawing rooms. As the fires warm our faces, so do the songs and stories of our ancestors warm our hearts. Some would say that the Dragon slumbers in the winter, but We know that the fires we light in the dark keep its memories alive and inspire our future!

So, fear not the snow! Nor the wind that whistles in the chimney. Venture, when you may, to share the hearth of your neighbors and friends. Celebrate your Holy Days and stand close with your families. Know that you are in Our hearts, and We look eagerly to the day that We may lift a glass together to combat the chill.

Dag Rex AnneMarie Regina
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom

Originally Published: The Pale – November 2022