AnneMarie’s Rosebuds

The youth of this Noble Kingdom are its future. It is now, in their years of energy, vigor, and a desire to learn that we can all play a role in enriching the lives of these youth who will one day lead the Mighty Dragon.

During Our reign, good gentles under the age of 16 are given the opportunity to be Retainers to the Queen. They shall be known as AnneMarie’s Rosebuds and shall learn how to be a retainer while gaining experience in protocol in service to the Crown and Kingdom. Those enrolled in the Page School will also earn service credits for their time as Rosebuds. They are expected to stay for Court where they will be recognized for their service.

For those interested, please refer to the Royal Progress and select the event-specific sign up roster.

Responsibilities of AnneMarie’s Rosebuds

The good gentles who serve Queen AnneMarie as Rosebuds will be a retainer, much like an adult retainer. They will report to the Head Retainer that day. Signups will be for a minimum of one hour of service. Duties may include things such as:

  • Keep Her Majesty’s cup filled with water
  • Escort Her Majesty to various meetings
  • Take gifts to the Royalty Room
  • Take messages to others
  • There may be times when the Rosebud is invited to retain for Her Majesty in Court or at Feast


There have been no minimum age limits set for the Rosebuds. Youth who are not yet adults and are well behaved and understand how to behave in the presence of Royalty and Peers of the Realm are welcome to sign up. The Rosebud will jointly retain with others retaining for Her Majesty that day.

AnneMarie’s Rosebuds – Roster

Below are those who have served as Her Majesty’s Rosebuds during Her reign.

Michael Sutcliffe
Jossalyn of Brendoken
Runa Ingvarrsdöttir
Vérún Ulfsdörrir
Aisling the Fey
Jossalyn of Brendoken