Mysteries of Award Recommendations

TLDR – Because you submit a recommendation, doesn’t mean it will be awarded. It may take multiple recommendations for an award to be granted.

Now for the lengthy description.

When you submit an award recommendation, it goes into a Google sheet that the Royalty can review. This process is not real-time because jobs run in the background to move the data. Royalty requires a minimum of 2 weeks before an event to review award recommendations so they can pass the list to the kingdom’s scribes. Yes, the kingdom’s scribes produce scrolls with only two weeks notice! Please submit blank scrolls and/or sign up as a scribe. Our scribes do AMAZING work on such short notice! Your contribution can help alleviate their burden.

Each set of royalty reviews the award recommendations with a different eye. Commonly, AoA awards require one or two recommendations from the populace.

  • An AoA-level award (e.g. Purple Fret) may require multiple recommendations. Recommendations from sitting Barons/Baronesses carry more weight. Recommendations from Peers of the realm carry more weight.
  • A Grant-level award may require multiple recommendations, especially from those already in the order or from Peers in the Order above the Grant level.
  • Patent-level awards (Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Masters of Defense) are best done though an email to the Order Secretary or discussions with Order members.

If you submitted an award recommendation and it was not granted, contact others in your group and those who know the person’s body of work (arts, sciences, service, armored fighting, rapier fighting, etc.) to make more recommendations. The current award recommendation system does not allow you to edit your submission. It is acceptable to submit additional recommendations for different events.

If you believe someone is worthy of an award, submit it and chat with others who may also believe the award is worthy of being granted.

The Royalty rely on your recommendations.

If you need information about how to contribute to the Kingdom’s scrolls inventory, contact the Kingdom Signet.