Luna Draconis

Attending this past Val Day, We were delighted to have opportunity to put on a bit of theater.

We had received a letter from a young gentleman, Edric of Three Hills, with a question and a proposal regarding the potentiality for a Barony on the, as yet unclaimed, Moon. More particularly, that We consider making them Baron, We were both struck by the ingenuity and audacious ambition of this request and considered how it might be addressed in positive fashion.

We determined that We could not actually claim territory on the Moon. (Despite the tenuous connection of Neil Armstrong originally coming from North Oaken) However, We thought We might bring a piece of the extra-terrestrial to the Midrealm. Her Majesty procured a small iron-nickel meteorite, while His Majesty had a “moon crater” base made from clay found on Our personal estate by Sgt. Gilebert de Bracceur le Dijon. This, We thought, was a way to grant “land” without territorial dispute.

Her Majesty then stained and decorated a box to hold these artifacts and His Majesty produced the scroll proclaiming this gentleman Reeve of “Luna Draconis.” A medallion of office was also procured, pictured below.

The presentation seemed well-received by everyone familiar with Edric, and Our always generous populace, as well.

Dag Rex AnneMarie Regina
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom