Hearthside Histories

Their Royal Majesties of the Middle Kingdom Dag and AnneMarie bid you Welcome to Hearthside Histories!

Come, gather and listen as We discuss the traditions of the Greatest of the Three Ancient Kingdoms, and let us reflect on how they bind us together within the Society. It is our intent to revisit the history of the Midrealm and the origins of some of the customs that make Our Glorious Kingdom unique. We hope that you will join Us as We tour the Dragon’s History!

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Session 1: Crown Tournament (December 6)

Crown Tournaments in the Middle have changed and evolved over time. More so than most other Kingdoms. Learn why participation in our Crown Tourney was by invitation only for many years. We will also discuss various formats that have been tried, relevant kingdom law and what we hope for its future.

Session 2: Courtly Etiquette (January 3)

Much of the fun derived from playing in our Current Middle Ages is acting the part of a Courtly Noble! We will discuss the basics of interacting with Royalty in Court, Feast and Field with special attention to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the Midrealm.

Session 3: Royal Champions (February 7)

You may have asked “Who are those individuals holding weapons in the Presence?” Very likely they are Royal Champions. We will explain who they are, their roles, how they are selected now and were in the past, along with the history of their symbolic weapons and other regalia.

Session 4: Peerage Orders (March 7)

How is a Peer recognized? This question has more than one meaning, and much more than one answer. We will look into the Society’s past for origins of the Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican and Master of Defense, as well as the Order of the Rose, and discuss how the Midrealm’s customs regarding regalia, oaths and expectations are similar, and different, from other kingdoms.

Session 5: Heraldic Traditions (April 4)

We endeavor to elucidate the arms and achievement of the Kingdom, who can wear what and when is it appropriate. Crowns, Coronets and Heraldic Differences will be explained. Some of the Midrealm’s more unique award symbology will also be discussed and the interesting origins of some of the names.

Session 6: Coronations (May 2)

Here we visit what is perhaps our most central ceremony. Coronations can simultaneously reflect the flavor of a new Reign and pay honour to the Crowns that have come before. We will talk about the elements including the artifacts, their symbology and the Oaths that are sworn as part of the Ceremony.