Crown Invite Rescission

Unto Our Beloved Populace from Dag, King of the Midrealm, Greetings.

It is with deepest regret that we publish this missive. Recent changes (from Our perspective, at least) in Kingdom Law, have led to strict limits to the manner in which We construct the list of combatants for Our Crown Tournament. In the hectic days immediately surrounding Our Coronation We rushed to publish Our Crown List and invite those additional Worthies recommended to us, in an effort to give all concerned ample time to respond and prepare. Thus, it was distributed without review by Our wise and vigilant Kingdom Seneschal.
Kingdom Law requires that all combatants must express their intent to compete by Our Coronation. This has long been custom, but the reality of it being codified in law escaped Our notice when we published the list of individual invitations in addition to those already accepted.

A variance was requested, albeit after the fact, from The Society Seneschal but, because Our mistake was not deemed sufficient emergency, it was denied. Therefore, those first Twenty-Six couples must now comprise the entirety of the Crown List. As it is impossible for those additionally invited to meet kingdom requirements, We are forced to rescind that supplemental invitation.
It pains Us more than can be easily expressed to deliver this news, and We share in what disappointment may come from it. This oversight is wholly Ours, and reflects in no way on those worthies that were brought to Our attention as fitting candidates to rule Our Great Kingdom.

We commend them even so, and exhort them to consider applying to Our Successors for the right to put forward the favor of their respective consorts.

In abject remorse over these circumstances, We remain in Loving Fealty and Service to the Kingdom,

Dag Rex


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