Crafting with the Queen

Crafting with the Queen at the Crafters’ Green!

Her Majesty AnneMarie, Queen of Love and Beauty, Patroness of the Arts, and Inveterate Crafter, will join the other crafters in the space set aside as the Crafters’ Green at each event She attends. There She will work on Her own crafts for an hour or more. Her Majesty encourages other crafters to spend time crafting at the Crafters’ Green. This is a wonderful opportunity to work on your projects and to talk with others about your crafts. Members of the populace are encouraged to walk through the Crafters’ Green to see what others are doing and ask questions about their crafts.

Can’t make Crafting with the Queen at the Crafter’s Green at an event? Try Crafting with the Queen at the Remote Crafters’ Green! (Cancelled due to lack of interest)

About the Crafters Green

The Crafters’ Green is a predefined area at events where any artisan of any skill level may set up a workspace in order for them to work on their period project(s). This is NOT your typical A&S display! Artisans will be encouraged to stay with their projects and actively work on them during the event. The idea is for artisans to demonstrate period techniques, discuss their methods, and give informal instruction if asked about their craft. General populace at the event will be invited to visit and spend time watching and learning from the artisans. There are no requirements for documentation, type of project (except where limited by site restrictions such as alcohol, food, or other activities that cannot be accommodated by the site) or length of time. Each project should emphasize period methods where possible and appropriate. Space is on a first come, first served basis.


  • To promote hands-on instruction and increase learning opportunities for all event participants.
  • To provide a featured space for artisans to work on their period projects.
  • To allow artisans to geek out about their projects with like minded folks in a relaxed and open setting.
  • To foster spontaneous demonstration, teaching, and learning at events which may result in membership increase and retention, i.e. the “THAT is cool, I want to do THAT, please tell me how” factor.

FAQ for the Artisan

Q: What do I need to do to participate in the Crafters Green?
A: Choose an event that is hosting a Crafters Green, preregister, and go to the event. Check with the Crafters Green coordinator if you think your project may need special permission due to site restrictions (food, drink, dangerous techniques, use of fire, etc).

Q: What kind of project should I bring?
A: Any period project allowed by the site is welcome! Come show off your knowledge of, and skill with, period techniques!

Q: I’m new at my art. Can I participate anyway?
A: Absolutely! All skill levels are welcome on the Green!

Q: Do I need to sign up?
A: No, but space may be limited. Show up and set up early!

Q: Do I need to have an A&S award or be invited to participate?
A: Not at all! Anyone, and everyone, is welcome on the Green!

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Bring your project and all associated equipment to the event.

Q: Will I be given a specific time, like a class?

A: No, it’s an open space where artists will work on their projects and teach as event attendees come by to watch and learn. You are not limited by class time or class size!

Q: Do I have to stay with my project the entire day?
A: No, you don’t need to sit with your project for the entire time that the Crafters Green is open.  Please feel free to leave the Crafters Green to explore the other areas of the event. Just make sure you come back in time to pack up your project before the Green closes.

Q: Do I have to teach? I get nervous!
A: Formal teaching is not required, however any form of teaching is highly encouraged! Please be prepared to talk about your project, and share your experience with others.

Q: Does my project have to be completed before or at the event?
A: No, in fact, it’s better if you are actively creating during the event. You don’t need to complete any certain amount. You can take as long or as little time as you wish!

Q: Do I need documentation, handouts, or any other information?
A: ZERO paperwork is required! However, event attendees may have questions about your project, so you will probably want to be able to tell them about what you are doing.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Contact the Event A&S Coordinator or Countess Serena at serenasbugs{at}

FAQ for Event A&S staff

Q: I want my event to host a Crafters Green. What do I need to do?
A: Work with event staff to find an ample space that is in a good location and gets lots of foot traffic. The space should not be isolated or in a room that must be quiet, as some of the projects may be loud. Additionally there will be conversations about A&S occurring so it’s best if the room doesn’t share space with an activity that needs a quiet room.

Q: Do I need to ask permission or sign up to host a Crafters Green?
A: No! It’s an A&S activity that any event can host if they have the space for it. Every event will be encouraged to host one!

Q: How big/small or long/short does the Crafters Green need to be?
A: There are no size or time restrictions for the Craftperson’s Green. Even a small area for a few hours can be quite successful.

Q: Do artisans need to sign up for the Crafters Green?
A: No sign up is needed!

Q: Where should the Crafters Green be located ?
A: The Crafters Green should be located in a high traffic area in order to encourage crowd interactions with the working artisans. Please DO NOT put the Green in an isolated classroom! It will likely be a lively and noisy affair so quiet rooms with vigils are not ideal for the Green.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Contact Countess Serena at > serenasbugs{at} <

Q: What is Teach Me?
A: Teach Me is a way for those curious about a certain A&S subject to connect with artisans who are willing to bring their art to an event for some one-on-one, hands-on teaching on the Crafters Green.

Q: Is Teach Me a class?
A: No, this is not a class. It is an add-on event to the Crafters’ Green, so there is no set time to begin or end.

Q: I want to learn something! How do I connect with an artisan to Teach Me?
A: Check out the Teach Me Facebook page for each event hosting a Crafters Green Teach Me and post a comment stating what you’d like to learn. An artisan who is willing to teach will respond and you can make plans to meet at the Crafters’ Green.

Q: I want to teach something! How do I figure out who wants to learn from me?
A: Check out the Teach Me Facebook page for each event hosting a Crafters Green Teach Me and read the comments to see if you have something to offer to a curious artisan. Respond to them and make plans to connect on the Crafters Green.

History of the Crafters Green

The idea was first proposed by Sir Gregiore, KSCA, OP to Their Royal Majesties of The Middle Kingdom Ullr and AnneLyse in AS 56 (Fall 2021). The first event to host this activity was Christmas Tourney in Barony of the Flame in December 2021. The name was shortened from “Craftpersons Green” to “Crafters Green” in fall 2022.

The idea of Teach Me was proposed by Andreas Blacwode, Rædesmann in AS 56 (Winter 2022). The first event to host this activity was Dressed to Kill II: Armorers’ and Needleworkers’ Symposium in Barony of the Cleftlands in April 2022.