Congratulations Prince Louis and Princess Sadb!

Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses Midrealm. Photograph by: Lord Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazari.

Rejoice, People of the Midrealm! For Our throne is secure and the succession of the Crown has been established according to Law and Ancient Custom. Their Royal Highnesses Louis and Sadb emerged victorious from a field of combatants that displayed high mettle without exception, and upheld their honor in the finest traditions of the Middle Kingdom.

We commend all those who put forward the favors of their consorts in this most public display of their admiration. They bring great distinction upon themselves, and each acquitted themselves in such fashion as to earn praise for themselves and their inspiration.
The day was brisk, but bright, and those assembled to witness, once again, the making of the Kingdom’s history displayed good spirit and lent a festival air to the event. Combats were fierce and decisive, and the assembled spectators witnessed great feats of both prowess and generosity on the field.

As one of Our primary duties has now been dispatched, We look forward to the Reign which stretches before Us. We take heart in Our Heirs enthusiasm for Their new responsibilities and bid you all safe journeys and good health in these coming months, when We hope to see you in Hall and Home.

Dag Rex AnneMarie Regina